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 Meet Elease Colcord


How does one draft an intro that sets the tone just right? Does she lead with a humblebrag of her shockingly sharp parallel parking skills or dive deep into the depths of her domestic prowess? Decisions, decisions.

Let me start here.

It was a dark and stormy morning on the evening of an odd day in June– the 13th or 19th if I remember incorrectly. It was hot, almost steamy– yet the chill in my bones alerted me that it was time to sit down for a drink.

You seem confused. Good we’re on the same page. I paint a bright, bold and oddly accurate picture of what’s in my head– nothing and everything in just one glance. Both concerning and comforting, and if you’ve read this far then I’ve found my people. Welcome!

Here at The Sunny Side, I make no promises except that maybe you’ll love me. (I have teenagers so somebody’s got to!) This is where I lay it all on the line. Stories of hope & humiliation, laughter & lust, grit & grammatical inaccuracies. (I’m sure you’ll find a few.) This is my blog goddamnit! I write about your life and minerelatable stories about parenting, family, food, and living simply. In the end, I always set out to find The Sunny Side Of Something.

Make yourself comfortable. Browse through my brain and wear your work clothes because it’s gonna be messy! Here are a few posts to get you started.

Laugh With Me

shopping cart
Moms I’d Like To Punch: The Supermarket Edition

Cry With Me

Come Home To Me
Come Home To Me

Eat With Me

Zucchini Shake & Bake
Zucchini Shake & Bake

Parent With Me

Teen boy- hand in front of camera
The Art Of Letting Go

Move With Me

Packing Boxes, Closing Doors. We’re Moving

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1 thought on “A Funny Blog About Family, Food & Living Simply! ☀️

  1. This is something out of the box. The A2Z of life in a nut shell. Keep up the good work and God bless.

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