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Hey there! I’m Elease Colcord, the voice behind The Sunny Side of Something. Blending humor, compassion, and my personal experience, I write funny and touching stories to learn from and grow.

My favorite aspect of blogging is connecting with people along the way—sharing stories, engaging with readers, and learning from one another.  We’re in this together!

Whether you’re here for a laugh or to make a shift in your life— there’s something for everyone on the Sunny Side! I’m so glad you’re here and I hope you’ll stick around, buy me a drink and have yourself a good read!  

Dive into some of my favorite posts to get started!

Laugh With Me

shopping cart
Moms I’d Like To Punch: The Supermarket Edition

Cry With Me

Come Home To Me
Come Home To Me

Eat With Me

Zucchini Shake & Bake
Zucchini Shake & Bake

Parent With Me

Teen boy- hand in front of camera
The Art Of Letting Go

Move With Me

Packing Boxes, Closing Doors. We’re Moving

Work With Me ☀️

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The Sunny Side Collaborative: As a freelance writer, I offer a positive, clear and consistent voice for brands across all social media platforms.

The Sunny Side of Something: To discuss sponsored posts, giveaways, arranged marriages, potential collaboration, content creation, multi-million dollar tv pilot deals, social media consulting, or simply just to say hey– message me!

Affiliate Disclaimer ☀️

Please know that I sometimes use affiliate links on my blog. That means that I could make a small commission on something you purchase at the corresponding site. The products will not cost you any additional fees, and I’ll never link to anything I don’t truly admire, own, want to own or appreciate.

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