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The Sunny Side of Spatchcocking


What’s in a name? A name plays a vital part of what someone or something becomes.  Parents spend months considering what to name their child, and what that title will represent.  Will it make him sound strong (or hot) like Harrison, or pretty and sweet like Sarah? Have you ever met a clean-cut Amber? Will it remind you of your annoying former student Max, or of Justin, the weird kid who always picked his nose (amongst other things) in sixth-grade science class?  

Naming a business or blog can be just as significant, especially since we have a bit more control over the outcome, design, and intention.  You can choose to name your child Brad, hoping that he gets your husband’s tight ass and your athletic prowess– but you might end up with a Bradley, who inherited your bad eyes and your husband’s ability to mutilate spontaneous spending and dominate an excel spreadsheet.  (I’m just pulling these attributes out of thin air.)


Mind map of initial blog brainstorming.

“The Sunny Side of Something” was not my first choice for the name of this blog, but I’ve already grown to love it! I spent weeks brainstorming names for something that was going to represent ME, which was a challenge given that I still have no real direction here! Ultimately the lack of direction was a gift, making me choose a name that was more open-ended and wasn’t going to contain my creative juices (there’s a visual for you)! I chose “The Sunny Side of Something”  because it’s happy and positive, it’s eyes-wide-open, and it’s refreshing.  It’s how I want to move forward.   

For your personal enjoyment, here are a few of the names that didn’t make the cut, and the text thread that provided the title of this post. It’ll make you chuckle, unless you’re a total tight ass (and not the good kind like my husband’s). The rest were not at all blog appropriate!

Titles That Didn’t Make The Cut

  • The Sunny Side of Spatchcocking (see below)
  • Bugging Out!  (Runner-up)
  • MILF & Cereal (REEEAAALLY good name!  My personal fave. Would have a hard time explaining that one to the kids…and my mother)
  • Under The Influence (used a lot)
  • Tongue and Chic (taken)
  • Ill-Advised
  • The Desperate Housewife
  • Of Unsound Mind
  • Beside the Point
  • The Savvy B
  • Frisky Business (turns out it’s the name of a porn AND several sex shops)
  • How I See It
  • The Hampton Beach Hooker (and other untrue things)
  • Sunny Side of Sass
  • Fit to Be Tied
  • Spitfire
  • Plum Island Lolita  (I’m from Long Island, Amy Fisher…see where I was going?)
  • Martha’s Met Her Match (too confining – as was her jail cell)



  • Allyson white

    January 15, 2017

    I can definitely attest that naming a business is effing difficult and mildly frustrating you should see some of the names I came up with before Naked n Natural 😂 Once you do it’s like climbing a mountain or so I think

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