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25 Things About Me


  1. My name is Elease and I’m married with two kids, two birds, and a dog.
  2. I live on a small island in Massachusetts.
  3. I was a teacher and used to own and run a Montessori elementary and middle school.  I’ve worked with kids and families for my whole adult life. Closing my school two years ago was the hardest thing I’ve ever done; and also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.     img_8254                           
  4. I think I’m funny.  I love to laugh.  I am constantly making jokes, puns, one-liners. I can turn anything into a pun or a dirty joke.  I love pranks.
    Oh, and I did stand up once.  It didn’t go that well.
  5. My taste in music is almost the same as it was in high school…George Michael, Erasure, and Billy Joel never get old.
  6. I’m a homebody.
  7. Preparing food is one of my very favorite things to do. I don’t like using recipes or planning ahead. I like to experiment and cook based on whatever I’m craving or feeling that day.  If I make you food, you’re gold in my book.        
  8. I’m obsessed with rearranging furniture. I mentally redecorate and reorganize other people’s offices and homes in almost every room I’m in.
  9. I love the evolution of everyday life, seeing what each day brings. I take control of what I can and try to ride the rest.
  10. I’m extremely honest and that sometimes backfires on me. I’m also very sensitive and emotional.  It can be an explosive combination.
  11. I’m very liberal. (see #10)
  12. It’s almost impossible to surprise me.
  13. I love to entertain and spend quality time with people.
  14. I love gardening.

    Lily singing to the zucchini flowers and checking out the growth!

  15. I don’t half-ass many things. I prefer not to do something unless I know I can do it well.
  16. Quality matters to me. I love high-end products and would rather not have it if it isn’t the best for me. This includes friendships.
  17. During my freshman year of college, I intentionally lost my Long Island accent. I still do a great impression though…and it comes back when I’m mad or when I drink.img_8242
  18. I met my husband on the very first day I arrived at college at the school’s Make-Your-Own Sundae Social. We’ve basically grown up together and just spent our 21st New Years together!
  19. I have high expectations of everything and everyone.
  20. It’s my lifelong dream to own a Volkswagen classic convertible beetle.  
  21. Three of my favorite movies star Steve Carell: Dan in Real Life, The Way Way Back, and Crazy Stupid Love.
  22. Paddle Boarding, beach cruising, reading, walking and coffeeing are great ways to pass the time.
  23. I love wine. Especially in Sonoma with my friends.
  24. I love my family. A lot.img_8245
  25. I really appreciate the good things in my life, and do my best to learn from the challenges.

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  • Alizza

    January 16, 2017

    I really loved learning more about you! Thank you for sharing, I really enjoy your human and insight!

    • Alizza

      January 16, 2017

      *humor;) yikes

    • The Sunny Side

      January 16, 2017

      Thank you! It’s always a bit nerve wracking to put yourself out there!

  • Dawn

    January 16, 2017

    Made me tear up with #18. So sweet

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