Whip It Good

If anyone has ever made you tiramisu from scratch, they love you– like, head-over-heels, I’ll-go-to-jail-for-you kind of love. And although this post provides the perfect opportunity for innuendos about beaters, whipped cream, and peaking egg whites, it’s really about expressing love through food. I made tiramisu this weekend for two of my best friends, for their … More Whip It Good

Let’s Have a Baby

I’m not convinced that my husband actually reads my blog.  He’s sweet and kind, and he faithfully shares my posts, but I’m not sure he sits and reads it.  I thought this title might get his attention. Click bait–nailed it!  This is Brian.  You know when you play the “What’s Your Porn Name” game?  Use your … More Let’s Have a Baby