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Let’s Have a Baby

I’m not convinced that my husband actually reads my blog.  He’s sweet and kind, and he faithfully shares my posts, but I’m not sure he sits and reads it.  I thought this title might get his attention.

Click bait–nailed it!

 This is Brian.  You know when you play the “What’s Your Porn Name” game?  Use your middle name together with your street name?  Brian’s porn name is Jimmy Postimg_1333

Today is Brian’s 40th birthday.  Brian is my husband if you’re playing catch up. We met at the age of 18 at a make-your-own sundae social on the first day of college.  Yes, we are total dorks–we grew up together.



Just look at the love these kids have for their dad.  Look at how Lily wraps herself around him…  He is caring, and stern, and honest, and creative with them. He teaches them how to draw, and think, and create, and build.  He teaches them about 90s hip hop and basketball sneakers. He shows them what a responsible father, husband, and provider looks like.

Photo credit: Amanda Ambrose Photography

Our Dog, Poppy, Loves Brian…


Brian is a very LOVING HUSBAND 

He puts up with my affection for theme parties…

He puts up with my adoration for Nyle Dimarco and Ryan Gosling…

And he puts up with our creepy friend smelling my hair…



Although we are very different people with very different interests, he’s my Brian.


Enjoy your new day, your new decade Brian.  We’ve lived more than a lifetime together since the day we met.  I look forward to many more lifetimes with you…Thank you for this beautiful family we’ve made.




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