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All three gathered in this one fab photo for you…(Seriously these filters–I’m actually a 400lb gorilla!)FullSizeRender

If you want more of my (sad and totally age-inappropriate) obsession with snap chat videos, make sure you’re following me on Instagram stories!

EATING: LOTS AND LOTS OF VEGGIES— and it’s like Tootsville around here!  TMI?

Per my last post, 5 Fitness Hacks for the Foodie at Heart, I’m trying hard to reel it in and eat healthily! (Overdid it with the burfdaaaayyy celebrations, ya know?!)

I’ve done a great job this week and made chicken meatballs & veggie noodles, squash, garlic & cauliflower soup, baked coconut shrimp, and Thai chicken lettuce wraps.  I still drank wine, but a girl’s gotta live, right?

I’m enjoying cooking again.  I feel like it was slow-going for a while. I’ll be sure to post some recipes going forward…thanks for ALL of the requests! Okay- it was all TWO requests, but they meant the world to me! (Again–lots of food pics and vids over on Instagram Stories.



15994508_10212220322008962_3319546554362525019_o.jpgSomething’s got to give.  I’m grateful for the one day of sunshine and the walk on the beach, but this April Fool’s storm that’s -a- coming. Arrrggg!


I was lucky to celebrate my actual 40th birthday with the hubs and two kids…simple and sweet. They surprised me with a trip to Portland, Maine for breakfast, funny (ridiculous) memes, and making homemade gnocchi with my favorite neighbors. Perfect.

This past weekend we wrapped up the birthday celebration with an overnight to Boston with a small group of friends and fabulous food!  I don’t have a picture of everyone together, and I won’t dare play favorites– so I chose this video instead. It’s ME!  Compliment my hair! (kidding, not kidding)



I’m only two episodes in and a smidge confused– but I like it! I’m likely confused because I do things like laundry and check my phone while I’m watching and miss some of what’s a flashback vs. flashforward…Do you get the sense that I talk through shows?  You may be on to something.

I’m attracted to the Friday Night Lights guy- a cross between his looks and that he’s the brother who takes care of everything. I like me a re-spons-i-ble man. Have you watched?  What do you think? Don’t spoil anything, K!


Bev Weidner is an adorable food blogger with just the spunkiest personality!  Her Instagram stories are hilarious and delightful, and I’m pretty sure her top knot is what SUBCONSCIOUSLY inspired my sudden need for top knots all day, every day! If she lived close by, I’d want to be her friend. So if you like me, you’ll love her!  Sensing a little ‘Single White Female’ vibe here…


Taking stock each day to find balance and change what’s not working.

Switched up the workouts this week from mostly cycle to mostly barre to slow myself down(working!).

Shifted to a healthier diet (working!-I feel less puff in my face).

I’ve been dreaming wildly in my sleep. Trying to remember them and sort out their meaning.

Having a scratchy week jiving with the teenage boy– likely half my fault (25%, maybe 40/60?) We’re a little ‘cranky’ with each other.  Could it be carb related?  The fact that there was a big project due this week? Love him to pieces, regardless.FullSizeRender-4.jpg

Well, folks, that’s all I’ve got!  I hope you have a fab-u-lous weekend! If you have anything you suggest I love, eat, see, hear, do, touch (don’t go there!) or write about–you know where to find me!

CHEERS!  -Elease


  1. Stick with Bloodline! I, too, love me some Coach Taylor!! It’s hard to follow at times but ends up being SO good!

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