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A Dark Place

It’s dark. So dark.  

You push your family away.

Your friends don’t exist.  

Everyone is at bay.

You eat in bed, don’t shower for days.  

The sun rises and sets, without you as a witness.  

You sweat.

You clench the sheets.

You gasp for more, knowing it’s not the best thing for you.

Your kids are left to their own. Fending for themselves.

You try to pause, but can’t.

Not Yet.

Just one more.

You question your life. Is it what you think it to be?

Are you caught up in something beyond your scope?

Do you really need your loved ones?

Can this be your new normal?

Are you getting to the end before you’re ready?

What is happening?

You try to stop.  

You’re better than this.

Get up.

Your family needs you.

Go to them.


You stay where you are.

Heeding nobody’s warning. Not even your own.

It’s dark. So dark.

Moving on is not an option anymore.

This is the end.

You’ve pushed too many away.

You must see it through.  

Just one more.

The finale.

It’s over.

All goes black.

White noise.

Your breath is all that is audible.

You begin to hear something from somewhere else.

Confusion sets in. You ache.

Am I still here?

Is that my family I hear?

They’ve carried on without me.

I’ve been binging again.

They survived.

I survived.

It captured me, and likely will again.

I emerge, I will carry on.

It’s light, so light.




  • SickChristine

    April 3, 2017

    I sooooooo loved this.

  • marianalynch

    April 3, 2017

    The story of my life once a month….

  • The Sunny Side

    April 3, 2017

    Well then I’ll take some suggestions!

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