B (to the) L (to the mother flubbin’)T: The Bodacious BLT

Here it is folks!  A BLT like no other!

I know– I’m setting pretty high expectations, but I’m feeling pretty confident.

I don’t have a fantastic story behind this BLT except that it’s MAAAAARVELOUS!

I’m gonna to be honest- one of the reasons this BLT (I want to keep saying it- BLT BLT BLT) is so so good is because I use really high-quality ingredients.  No skimping– local farm fresh ingredients.  Homemade, thick-as-hell pita bread; bacon from a pig that was roaming just yesterday and sliced as thick as a book; pesto that was rooted basil just that morning.  Really good stuff! Let’s get started!

Uncured Bacon
Heirloom Tomatoes
Iceberg Lettuce
Thick pita bread
Olive Oil
Garlic Powder
Fresh Pesto

BACON: Cook these thick slices of heaven over medium heat to the desired completion.

BREAD: Slice the pita open and let the transformation begin. Goal: Golden Garlic Bread.

Brush with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Broil until the desired shade of gold.

PREPARE FIXINS: Heavy chunks of lettuce offer a crispy bite. Lettuce, brie, tomatoes.

BUTTER ME UP: Okay, no butter needed, but this is where the flavor WOWS.

Drizzle pesto and smear the brie…


STACK:  You know what to do…




MMMMMMM Mmmm!  Yaaaaaas!

Give her a go and tell me what you think!

4 thoughts on “B (to the) L (to the mother flubbin’)T: The Bodacious BLT

  1. That looks SO GOOD. I love bacon. I really love bacon. Why haven’t I been putting brie and pesto on it?!

  2. Let’s try this with a different username…

    1. Bridget! Tendercrop Farms is the key to this BLT- their pita bread, bacon and pesto are far superior than supermarket buys! No joke! Aaaaand turning the bread to health bread first!

  3. this BLT Looks AMmmmmmazzzinnnngggg!

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