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Vision board in the making

A Vision Comes to Life

Vision boards can help breathe new life into whatever you’re working on! Whether decorating a room or planning a new adventure– making a board is a creative, visual, and tactile experience that you don’t quite get from Pinterest or just thinking out loud.

Creating vision boards can help focus energy. They can inspire a new direction or reinvent an old one.  The process is relaxing too!

I’ve been creating boards for years.  I use them when I’m stuck, or in a negative rut.  I use them to thrust positive energy in a new direction or give myself clarity on undeveloped ideas. Some boards are made quickly and disappear just as fast. Other boards become works of art or a symbol of something significant– and become memorabilia in the timeline of our lives.

This board was created over five years ago when we were hoping to purchase our current home.  After finally renovating our (intended) forever home, we took a vacation to a local coastal community,  looking to relax.  Within a matter of days, we had fallen in love with beach life. On a whim, we decided to downsize our lives and move to the beach, into a cottage by the sea.

A vision board to inspire a home sale. As simple as that sounds, there were a lot of uncertainties, including syncing contingencies and other events that we didn’t have control over.  The only thing we could control was the energy we put into the process, and why not send it the hopes and love that we had for our next phase?

This is our current home…our vision came to life!


Five years later, our kids are transitioning into teenagers and becoming more independent and opinionated– in many ways, the energy in our home has shifted.

Yes, there’s still laughter and joy, but it also comes with contention and change.

I recently created this board for myself.  As excited as I am for summer break, I need to change my tone and set a positive intention for the next few months.  The house is no longer just mine during the long days of summer.  I need to let some control go (eek!), and reboot my mindset to that of years ago– the reason we moved here.

I also need to consider a new vision for myself.  What’s next?  New projects, new adventures, new ideas…

A vision board to inspire a relaxing summer.Whether a new calendar or school year, a fitness or health plan, imagining a new life or big move…anything goes!  And each time the process starts, others get inspired, too!


In what ways do you create vision and passion for the things in your life?  Vision boards…or something else?


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