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Summer Sessions

Ahhh! The sunny sound of the surf, the hair of a fun-drunk mermaid, the schedule of a teenager on–well, summer break!

This year summer feels magical, and I’m so grateful! It has taken me forty years to finally let go of control and routine, to simply be swept away by these coconut-flavored days and carefree nights. These peaceful, easy moments could be as fleeting as the season itself, so I’ve decided to capture them like fireflies in a jar.  I’m holding onto them until I am forced to let go.


FEELING: Pure joy, and I love it.
TOUCHING: Lots of sand.
TASTING: More than I should, but who cares!
HEARING: Laughter and waves.
SEEING: What happiness looks like.


Each day brings new adventures:
Swimming and surfing.
Friends and Family.
Weddings. Wine, Wonder.
Bike rides. Beach chats till it’s dark.
Cooking with friends. Digging in the garden.
Bottles of wine. Fitness.
Naps. Sleepovers. Late nights.
Trips. Visitors. Smiles.


I’ve created this playlist to capture the mood in hopes that it keeps on keeping on. If you haven’t yet made the best of your summer, there’s still time!


Unclench, take a breath, and look for simple ways to enjoy the moments.

The days are slipping away–catch summer while you can!


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