Decluttering To-Dos to Clear Your Conscience!

Back to School season can be so stressful! The very words are stinging my ears.

Back. To. School. Bleck!

The transition from Sun & Fun to Bus & Fuss can wreak major havoc on most any household.

If you’re anything like the average family, old school projects and awards from the last day of school are lurking in the corners of the family coat room, never given an honorable funeral. Drawers are likely overflowing with clothes that no longer fit the kids (or your waistline), and the idea of putting together school lunches makes you want to die a slow and painful death!

This too shall pass…

August has arrived–which means you still have time for the best of both worlds. Cocktails & splashing by day, aaaaand, well, if you’re good for it, I suggest you do it by night, too!

Yet. At some point soon you’ll have to pay the piper, and get life in order. I suggest the dog days of August when air condition is essential, or on rainy days with nowhere to go– OR simply bite the bullet a little each day and get things done.

A little each day goes a long way. I know– even I want to punch myself in the throat!

Decluttering To-Dos to Clear Your Conscience for September!

I wrote this piece for Today Parents, you can read the rest here. (Up Vote & share!)




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