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Coffee. Wine. What’s in My Purse.

I’m feeling a bit scattered these days, like a squirrel having had an oversized cappuccino(imagine that for a moment).  This mix of excitement and crazy have things feeling frenzied, and a bit unsettled.  But it’s all good!

It used to take a Mack truck running me over before I’d realize that I was overwhelmed— and then it would all be too much. I’ve grown a lot since then, and can now detect the subtle signs that it’s time to slow down, take stock, and move forward as best I can—usually before that truck comes rolling my way.

When life feels challenging, taking notice and finding the pleasure of very basic things can have a big impact. I savor my morning coffee and indulge in evening wine, while enjoying the fluffy goodness of a perfect pair of socks—simple, yet glorious, regardless of what’s swirling around me. (For more on simple pleasures, read my post on hygge.  But grab a cuppa first.)


Lowering my expectations can be a game changer when I’m feeling off (easier said than done). When misery comes my way, I reach for The Sunny Side: “Dinner was pizza—again!” becomes “Everyone was fed today!” “The laundry is out of control!” becomes “Plaid mixed with Polka dots are hip, right?” And if my kids are fresh to me?  “At least we’re talking!” Sometimes just getting by is good enough.


When I’m frazzled I feel the urge—to purge. I pare. I throw everything out! Clean a fridge, clear a counter, cull the closets. Even a small cleaning can do colossal things for my Juju!

My simplest way to feel together—travel light. I cling to my clutch that carries only what I need: cash, cards, a pen and lip gloss! Just enough room for a phone and a period stick, as my daughter would call it.  Streamlined (wink).


How do you clear your Juju when things get fuzzy? Do you look for the simple and sunny, or do you have another way?


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