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Winter Vibes

The holidays are looming. The tunnel of time between Thanksgiving and the New Year can be overwhelming. I step further back each year, attempting to be more mindful and less caught up in the flurry.

This year the season seems a bit lackluster. The kids are getting older. There’s no snow to speak of. They love decorating for the holidays–but the wonder and magic gets a little lost while they strategize wish lists and plan activities with their friends.


We chose our tree. For the oh-so-many times our family manages to argue, choosing our tree is usually drama free! Decorating is often a record-level disaster, but not this year. Lily dressed in her pink pig onesie. Jackson played Christmas rap. Nobody battled for total control. Win!



FEELING: Thankful.
TOUCHING: Glitter and Garland.
TASTING: Salted Caramel.
HEARING: Holiday tunes and laughter.
SEEING: Lights and Love.


We spontaneously bought all new ornaments this year.
Only a few of the timeless faves made the cut. I like that we all just rolled with it.



Each day brings new adventures:
Decorations and glow.
Long, dark evenings.
Friends and Family.
Winter. Wine. Onesies & Wonder.
Chilly beach walks. Thawing by the fire.
Cooking with friends. Finding ways to connect.
Cards arriving in the mail.
Appreciating the simple things.

This holiday I’m choosing to appreciate where the kids are in their growth.  Caught in the twilight between childhood and beyond. They are safe. They are happy. They are smart. They are loved.


What vibes are hanging about in your home this holiday season? I’d love to hear!

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