You’re The Good Kind of Fat

Off The Top of My Head:  Advances in technology are fierce. We can achieve just about anything—cloning animals, elect anyone (literally.  anyone.) into office, automate tampon deliveries based on moon cycles, and more. Why (for the love of all that’s good) can’t a system be created to ripen avocados in some back room of the supermarket, to then be carted out for sale, at the appropriate time? Shark tank tycoons get on this, stat.  Until then, enjoy this recipe from my friend, Liz.

Speaking of Good Fat. Mmmm. Eeeeer. I’m carrying a little holiday weight. But it’s all good!  I know exactly how it happened.  I’m starting this challenge this Saturday if you’re interested in joining. Send me a message and I can share what group I’m in—we can do it together!

Things are changing. We put our Plum Island house up for summer rental this week. We are excited and nervous, but ready for a move off the island and into downtown. The kids are getting older and they have a greater need for autonomy (and I have a greater need to taxi less). So here we are.  We are looking for a new home.  I’m excited about a project. The exciting prospect of renovations, design, and decor—it’s in our blood! We do, however, plan to keep a few summer weeks for ourselves and certainly plan to stay closely linked to our Plum Island Friends.

Photo by Amanda Ambrose Photography 

In other news.

This article sums up how I feel about cooking and food, and love.

I’m struggling with this story. He’s one of my favorites and I have no clear sense of how to feel.  What are your thoughts?

This guy is a trip!  ‘Jesus take the wheel!’ It never gets old.

I think I’m going to order this and have some fun!

I’m a little behind the trend, but this is what I’m reading.  Trying to wrap it up to watch the series.

This is where we can stay more connected each day in daily life.  It feels more intimate and definitely more fun!  And I’d really appreciate if we could connect here, too!

That’s it for now!  Until next time… Cheers!


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