What You Do With Your Knob Is Your Business


Spin Class! What is considered a full turn of the knob?
Is it 180 degrees?
90 degrees?
Or worse, 360?
What you do with your knob is a personal choice. (Doh!) The understanding of a turn has a direct impact on every half turn, quarter turn, and so on. Have I been working too hard in class? Not hard enough? Please help set the record straight.

Self Care. I’ve been big on the self-care this week. (That Whole Life Challenge thang!) Sleeping, eating, exercising. No carbs. No dairy. No sugar. No wine. Did you hear me– I said NO WINE! Sigh. I feel great though. I have so much more energy. I hate when people are all, ‘Eat healthily, you’ll feel great.’ And then they’re right. (Eye roll.)

Reading.  I read this book almost every year. It grounds me through different phases of my life.

Wanting. I’m hoping to add these to my kitchen very soon. Maybe for the new house?  We haven’t found ‘the one’ yet, but we’ve seen a bunch of houses and are getting closer to knowing what we want.  I’ve got one home on my short list. We’re seeing it again tomorrow!

Blogs. This is one of my favorites.  She’s funny and sincere, and I wish she lived here in my small town so we could be friends and chill. (She’s probably taking out a restraining order as we speak.)

Listening. This episode was a good one.

Until next time, I’ll be freestylin’!   What are some of the links on your list?

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