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My Birthday Suit…

I knew that would get your attention! You’re so predictable.

The Sunny Side of Something is officially one!

One gal. One year. One leap into the world. (Ironically, all from the comfort of my couch!) It’s something I vowed never to do—but here I am and actually, I’ve never felt more alive!

The Sunny Side of Something has become a part of my identity, my way of being. Or is it the other way around? Does it matter?

I’ve found me voice. ( I meant to say my; I’m not Irish)
I’ve gained skills, an education that I wasn’t expecting.
I found value in myself that I thought had expired.
I found new energy and confidence.
I found and challenged my personal limits.
I’ve found the way to say yes, and reach.
I’ve found it okay to say no and stand firm.
I’ve found The Sunny Side of Me.

There are two things that have most thrilled me this year. The first is the personal connection that I’ve made with perfect strangers (people I’ve now come to know, virtually). To receive private messages—that I touched someone (not like that), made someone laugh, helped someone consider a different perspective, or inspired someone to try something new?  It brings epic satisfaction—and has done more for me than you! And in turn, I’ve found new people to follow, to laugh with, to be inspired by. New ways to grow my blog.

See! The internet isn’t a terrible place!

And the second thrill of this one-year journey? Oh, glory be! Starting over at forty is FABULOUS! Is there anything you’ve been thinking about doing, trying, holding back on? (Forget I asked! I don’t need to know about your late night adventures. Hey-o!) Starting something totally new feels good. Still scary and challenging, but in a very different way than when you’re a noob at life.

There’s a little more confidence, a little more sass.
A little more compassion, a little more… gas? cash? crass?
Oh, fill in your own blanks!

Either way, it’s riveting and exciting and it’s never too late to do whatever you wish to do. Got an itch? Scratch it. (Or see a doctor if it persists too long.) But gosh, start going after your own dreams!

Take a risk.
Share your wishes.
Just do it. (That has a ring to it!)

So happy anniversary to The Sunny Side of Something.
Reading this post gives you a free pass!
Admits 1 to the whatever the hell you want.
And if you can’t find it, it’s yours to create.
I know you have it in you.
Now go get ’em!
(And this suit if you feel called to it!)

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  • twogirlsonedate

    February 1, 2018

    Wow, i love your writing style and how your voice comes through so well!! What a clever & fun way to celebrate one year. Your blog is incredible! 🙂

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