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Fart Soup & Belly Laughs

If you already hang with me on IG stories, you know that I tried a new recipe this week which I appropriately name, Fart Soup, mainly because it consists of Brussel sprouts and cauliflower, and tons of roasted garlic (that I add to everything)!  We all knew how that was going end!  It was actually quite delicious and (TMI alert) not nearly as explosive as one would suspect. Phew!

Because bacon and garlic make everything better, I crisped up some up and substituted the butter with bacon fat—and then tossed the crispy goodness on top like croutons at the end. It reignited my passion for roasted Brussel sprouts and I plan to attempt sprout chips this weekend. (Don’t know if that’s a thing, but it will be!)


Here’s what’s on my mind.

There’s nothing better than a full on belly laugh, especially surrounded by people you love.

If you must get in the spirit.

Can’t stop listening to this!

Currently lathered in this to mentally escape winter. Blah.

If this doesn’t make you happy, you have no soul.

Okay, party people!  Have a fabulous weekend. Stay warm. Stay happy.  And stay online so I have someone to talk to!


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  • Michelle

    February 2, 2018

    Love that dart

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