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Lip Gloss, Kisses & All Things Love

I’m not one to have high expectation for Valentine’s Day.  In some way feel I like it’s a holiday produced by the theatre of creative marketing—yet, like most women, I have fallen hook, line & sinker.  Each year I state that I’m above it—but then I feel a twinge for something sweet, a romantic comedy catches my eye, and I fall deep down the rabbit hole of love.  After all, February could use a little color and well, red suits me.❤️

I don’t need anything wild or fancy, but a small and sincere declaration of love would be nice.  (Somebody bring Brian up to speed.) I’ll keep things simple—if we can’t sneak off for a date, I might make his favorite meal, offer to watch the Celtics or Seinfeld, or aim to be wearing something other than my pajamas when he returns for work.  Either way, I’ll smack him with a kiss and find a way to let him know I care. Have a laugh at last year’s gift.

Here’s what’s on my mind.

Shine. This is my new favorite. I’m not a bold color kind of gal, I just can’t pull it off.  But this-this is clear, creamy, sexy & sleek. It just screams, KISS ME! 💋

I was brought to tears by this.

This had me doing some thinking this week– I’d like to find time to discuss.

And here is one of my favorite romantic comedies.

Boys, unsure of how to make your woman happy?  We’ve got you covered!

I’m hoping (No, needing!) to do a bit of socializing this weekend.   I feel trapped by this time of year—I’m often alone, and a bit low on enthusiasm.  Let’s shake things up!

Until next time, I leave you with this…


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