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Smooth Move (Not the one that helps you poop.)

It has been crazy up in this place! But the good crazy.

We moved!

I’m exhausted and happy. The kind of exhausted that makes me wonder if I have mono– but no random makeout sessions for me, so I supposed it’s from all the goings-on. Packing and unpacking, decorating galore– I hope you’ll subscribe to The Sunny Side to follow the progress and fun! Here’s a sneak peek of the blank canvas! And if you like the daily follies- meet me over on Instagram! (Stories are my fave!)

As far as moving goes, it was a smooth move. Not the tea that helps you poop– (Everything’s working well in that department. Even with all the takeout we’ve been eating!) I’m talking quality people who made the move a surprisingly pleasant process. And whoever gets to say that about moving?

See this sweet, beautiful face? That’s Erin!

Erin Connolly.jpg

She’s my realtor and friend, and if I could fold her up and keep her in my pocket I would. She knowledgeable and responsible and responsive. (Sooo important!) Within the past six months, she managed to sell two of our houses and our new home…and we still like each other! Erin is friendly, yet fierce and funny AF. She’s really good at what she does. If you need a real estate representative (or a good friend!)…CALL ERIN!

Not many people can gush about service from your big box stores but let me tell you– should you find yourself in Seabrook, NH and need something at Lowes– ASK FOR DAVID! (He tends to take charge in the blinds section but I’m pretty sure he can do anything!) Great customer service is not to be overlooked– David has mastered the art. He took great care, for weeks, and I can’t thank him enough for it. Now I just swing by to say hi, and I think you should, too. Tell him I sent you!

Many of our friends (and the kids’ friends!) lent a hand. (PIVOT!)

Moving heavy things (I warned you!), providing cooked meals or sweet little gifts, swinging by to just ‘say hi.’ Heck, our attorney even catered a lunch at our closing! It was a first for him and I made it clear that this shall be the norm going forward. He made it clear (in legal terms) that under no condition may I come within 500 feet of his office. (Sheesh, lawyers.) Just kidding! We cool.

Moving is hard and can be a totally miserable experience. It’s why people don’t do it very often. (Minus us.) I’m tired and drained and a little overwhelmed. The opportunity to share with you brings me joy. Your encouragement keeps me going– And being surrounded by great people has made the hard stuff bearable enough to want to do it all again someday! (Cue Brian and attorney at catered divorce meeting.)

Looking forward to sharing more in the coming days, weeks, beyond!

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  • David Dolfe

    May 26, 2018

    Thanks so much for you great review! It’s not often that a lot of us in the tough retail business are recognized when we do something right, and I truly appreciate the comments! Don’t forget to rate your Lowe’s experience a “7” if you haven’t already done so!

    Your home is beautiful, Elease and I’m looking forward to seeing the progress!

    • The Sunny Side

      May 26, 2018


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