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Capturing Sunshine and Summer!

Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

Funny and Smart. There’s no better combo. My head is so far up the butts of funny, smart women these days. (I know, you were wondering what that itch was!) My alone time is now spent with (imaginary) friends. Amy (Poehler & Schumer), Mindy (Kaling), Tina (Fey), Anna (Kendrick), Jenny (Lawson), Nora (Ephron) and the list goes on. I’ve been reading and listening to their memoirs while I unpack, cook, walk, drivesome for the second time. I love hearing how they started their careers, created characters, and learning a little more about their personal lives. Oh, P.S.  The Mindy Project— Hilarious and my new nightly show!


Tequila! You didn’t see that coming! I’ve made a citrusy transition from wine to tequila with a twist of lime, and seltzer. It’s easy, delicious, and smoothand makes me tingle to my toes. Stop judging. Everything in moderflation. modernation. moderation.


The Greatest Showman
The first time I saw Zac Efron play Troy in High School Musical (makes biting fist motion) I had a Mrs. Robinson moment (month)thinking about the things I could do to him.  But alas time has passed and I moved on to other teen interests. (OMG I’M JUST KIDDING! Really!) Anywho- The Greatest Showman. Well done. GREAT music! And Hugh Jackman can really act! But Oh My Gawd.  There’s a musical-number-that’s-sexy-but-understated-and-still-okay-for-the-kids-to-watch-trapeze-dance between Mr. Efron and Zendaya that lets you know they is all grows up! The feelings that Zac stirred are flat-out illegal. Dreamy AF. Okay, I’m seeing I should have titled this section Zac Efron. Or The Stirring.  Let’s move on.

Throwing Everything Away. The past two months have consisted of sorting, packing and assessing: what we have vs. what we need. What I’ve learned: everything can go. We are constantly consuming. As I’m decorating the new house I feel it happening again. While the purchases seemingly pile up, I’m trying to be mindful. Less is more. Less is more.

IMG_6384-1.jpegShade. Not in the form of attitudebut if you cross me, I’ll cut a bitch. (I’ve been looking for a way to work that phrase in for a while now. Score!) Since we’ve moved to the mainland, I have grass and treesand I didn’t realize just how much I needed it. Also, this babe will no longer be tanning under the sun like a french onion soup bubbling under the broiler. (What?) I made the shift last year to self-tanner and large brimmed visors and I’m sticking to it! I’ll bring The Mrs. Roper look back like a queen thank-you-very-much. Yaaaas! (I’ll stop.)


The list could go on, but I’ll spare you any more of my inner monologue so desperate for an audience. How ’bout you? What’s making you tick these days? I’d love to know!

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