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Savory Salmon Snaps

Simple & Savory Salmon Snaps

Simple & Savory Salmon Snaps

Truth be told, I ate these suckers for lunch.  No shame here! They are simple & delicious, fabulous really. They take no time at alland satisfy to the core! And best of all? No need to turn the oven on.

smoked salmon appetizers

I’ve been inspired to share more recipes; my new kitchen is feeling more mine. I’m rockin’ & rollin’, a freestyling fool! (Stop!)

How do I choose which recipes to share? I ask my Magic 8 Ball…

Shall we eat something that looks snazzy and fancy? Yes

Should I cook today?  No

Will my eight-grade Glamour Shots photo get me my own tv series? Try again never.

Well, that leaves me in a bit of a pickle!  But I’ll take my Magic 8’s advice, and make something snazzy without using the stoveSimple & Savory Salmon Snaps!  (I’ll bring my Glamour Shots just in case!)

Smokes Salmon appetizer recipe

Easy to keep on hand, these few ingredients are often lurking in your pantry or fridge just begging to be front and center (like a mall-bound tween with her glitter tube top in handready for her close up)!

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Ingredients


1 Box of Melba Toast (circles)
1 Jar of Capers (drained)
1 12oz.  Smoked Salmon (cut into small squares)
1 Container Sour Cream (mixed)
1/4 Red Onion (thinly diced)
Salt & Pepper

I’m not sure how this post took a psychological turn for the worse, BUT WE’RE HERE! My insistence that these (seemingly) basic ingredientsonce layered in just the right manner suddenly scream “A STAR IS BORN” might provide a window into my underlying sense of self.  But I don’t think anyone should read that far into things.  (Who has the time!) We’re talking food here and nothing else.

Now back to the Glamour Girls, errrrr, Salmon Snaps (Damn it!)


Lay Melba rounds on a tray.
Layer each with a salmon square.
Top with a small dollop of sour cream.
Sprinkle each snap with onion & capers.
Cracked salt & pepper.

Girl, You Look Marvelous!

Savory Salmon Snaps

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