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A Simple New Year’s Eve

Gone are the days where standing stuck amongst the freezing, drunk New Year’s Eve crowds sounds like a good idea! Brian and I spent our first NYE (1996!) in the center of Time Square. It was thrilling and beautiful and my how things have changed! These days all I want is my family, and my bed and a subtle sense of order, health and simplicity– New Year’s eve, day and every day thereafter!

While in the past few years we’ve headed out of town with the kids, we’re staying low and local this year. Everyone is home for break. We had a few basketball games (Nothing makes me happier than watching the kids play!), some early nights and late mornings (Yes!), and more chocolate than humanly necessary! I’ve somehow managed to backtrack 6 months of fitness in six days– (Fitness MILP come January!) But we’re happy none-the-less.

This year we’re staying in and if you’re looking for ideas, here’s what The Colcord’s have in store:


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By now you may know how I feel about the game Vertell?s! A fun and reflective get-to-know the ones you love– what better time than New Year’s to play?

Mindful Card Game


I just purchased and am excited to try What Do You Meme?


What Do You Meme?

While WE won’t be play Cards Against Humanity as a family this NYE, ( I have limits!) that doesn’t mean you can’t!  It’s one of my faves.


Cards Against Humanity

These are some of my favorite recipes and I’m pretty sure they’ll be making an appearance this New Years:

Who doesn’t love a simple and yummy Bruschetta?


We may try these!  How can we not?


I also can’t stop eating this dip— we had it for Christmas Eve, too!


And a favorite holiday cocktail. I use FunDip as a rimmer (how mature!) CHEERS!

Each year I like to create a vision board to set some intention for the year ahead!  Feel free to give it a try!


Like the rest of our holiday break, this New Years’ Eve promises to be simple and reflective. A few good recipes, some New Year’s intentions (my recent post on Daily Mom), and it wouldn’t be any fun without some board games! Whatever your plans are this New Year’s Eve (And I hope you’ll share!), I wish you nothing but happiness and health!

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  • aerowrite

    January 1, 2019

    I love cards against humanity! One of our favorites. I’ll definitely have to look into Vertells!

    • The Sunny Side

      January 1, 2019

      So it turns out that What Do You Meme is up there with Cards Against Humanity- meaning, don’t play with your kids! Happy New YEars!

      • aerowrite

        January 1, 2019

        Yes! I actually played it at a Christmas party last Christmas and we played it in front of kids! Not my first parenting fail.

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