How To Unwind An Active Mind

While the snow may fall gently this chilly time of year, moments of chaos can make it feel like a blizzard. Work, family, and endless to-dos can derail good intentions and hijack self-care. The juggle is real!

This year we’re replacing frazzled with refreshed, tired with tranquil.

By adding simple, luxurious, guilt-free moments at the end of each day, you can rest well knowing you took time for yourself to refresh. (Yes!) You deserve to pause and put yourself back in place.  These simple evening routines offer a reprieve from stress, even for those who don’t often slow down. Turn the television off and put the social media away. Step out of the every day. This is your time.

How To Unwind With An Active Mind

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Book Bound

How to unwind- book

Nothing takes me further from chaos than travel into the far off land of literature.  Get lost in historical fiction, find balance in self-help.  Reading is a healthy habit that fuels both your mind and imagination.  A hardcover sends me off to sleep but when I want to be entertained on the move, I do chores, walk my dog or sit in the dark to listen on.

Slip One On

Ugg Slippers, Wind Down

Throughout life, we wear many different hats—that goes for shoes as well. Making the shift from the bustle of day to the tranquility of night begins with kicking off shoes and slipping into something more comfortable

An Evening Chat


Sometimes sitting and chatting is the perfect release—not about bills or schedules but for giggles or sharing dreams.  This gets harder to squeeze in as kids get older and schedules get filled, but the time is there.  Laugh about the good old days, hypothetically plan an anniversary getaway, share that crazy dream you had.  Talk with your spouse or call an old roommate…connect just because.

Shine Bright


Lighting a candle makes a statement. It claims intention with a will to slow down.  Whether a candle or a cozy, crackling fire, it’s a visual and aromatic reminder that the day is coming to an end.



You don’t have to book a day at the spa to treat yourself! Self-care is an anthem we can sing from the comforts our home—in your favorite fuzz bathrobe, slathered in coconut lotion, letting the day melt away.

Find Your Jam

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 11.17.38 PM

I’m a sucker for a cozy pajama set. It helps me believe I’m put together even when I’m not—they feel like a treat. It’s one of my favorite gifts to give and get.


How to unwind- meditation

I don’t care how you do it.  Indulge in the sexy voice of Andy from Headspace. Discover the power of transcendental meditation.  Find a quiet place to just be.  Give yourself the time to stop—if even for a few minutes.

Diffuse The Situation


Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health. Use an oil diffuser to create a tranquil space, helping your mood and your mind.



Writing is the cheapest and most impactful form of therapy. (IMHO!) Do it every day. Start a blog, get a gratitude journal —write a romance novel in secret.  I promise you will feel amazing!



For some, (like me!) cooking can be a cathartic way to unwind. It’s creative, involves movement and nourishes your body, mind, and family!  Whether you freestyle your way through dinner or like step-by-step directions to lead you to your meal, spending time in the kitchen creates the perfect opportunity to step down from the grind and feed your need to create.

Create (more)


I’m not a sit-down-and-veg kind of girl.  If my mind isn’t moving, my body is.  Being creative helps keep me centered, especially on days that didn’t go my way. Knitting, painting, DIY projects—being creative offers an opportunity for control, concentration, calm.

What sets you free at the end of each day? How do you refresh?

Everyone deserves a pause, a time to reset— even those constantly on the go.  Create a simple evening routine that offers a reprieve from each day. You deserve it; this is your time.

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How to unwind

45 thoughts on “How To Unwind An Active Mind

  1. A must read for all moms! Just love this- thank you ☺️

  2. Really helpful, thank you very much!

  3. All great tips! Writing really helps me relax, as well as chatting it up with the hubbie. Sometimes, with all the hustle of mommyhood, you forget to just sit down and talk with your spouse about NON-KID related things.

    Good read! TY!

    1. Right! Before kids, we sat for hours and rambled on- now sometime it feels all business. It’s fun to bring that back.

  4. “Create” is a big one for me! 🙂

    1. Yes!

  5. I love this! Things you’d never think to do!

  6. Fantastic much needed tips for everyone. There is nothing like a good book at the end of the day to help me unwind and let the day go.

  7. Wonderful tips! Reading helps me relax or some pampering. Thanks for sharing some new ideas!

  8. I think these are such amazing tips. These are all the things I said I would do more of this year and it been working out well so far. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This a great list! I love the contrasting topics, too. Finding your jam, but jammies! I love it! This was very creative, thank you for sharing!

  10. Feel like you just put everying in one post that sums me up. I do all these things when my mind is just overwhelmed

  11. These are some cozy ideas. Personally, I love to wind down with some Netflix with my hubby, and then do my 5 min Relax cycle on my Fitbit as soon as I am in bed.

    1. I love me some Netflix too! But once I start the sun can come up before I sleep!

  12. Great suggestions. I like to throw in a little music or a Headspace podcast too!

  13. I love this! My favorite thing to do is grab pj’s and a hot cup of tea and i’m all set for the evening <3

  14. I battle with this. Takes me ages to fall asleep at night. Meditation music helps most nights

  15. Sonja- Too Much Character February 1, 2019 — 3:43 am

    I wish cooking was a stress reliever for me. Instead, I do it as an act of love. However, writing is my thing that helps me unwind. That and sweatpants with pockets. I live in them WAY too often, but they bring me joy. Another great post from you!

  16. These are great ideas! I’ve been wanting to try meditation, and this post has inspired me to give it a go even more!

  17. This is GOLD! I have such an overactive mind and I am often disappointed with my “me time” because I can’t seem to actually relax! Bookmarking this for future reference! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Books and cooking really help me destress after a long day. Sometimes i’ll put on my earphones and listen to an audiobook while cooking.

  19. For me unwinding is getting out from in front of my computer and just enjoying time staring at anything other than a screen. In the summer it’s spending the night at the beach watching the sunset or in the yard by the pool or tiki bar with friends talking. Great read and useful tips. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Warm slippers, pyjamas and fleece blanket in front of television watching a movie. Great unwinding tips you’ve written. Thanks.

  21. These are excellent tips, and many of them my wife and I do already. I’m a firm believer that after a long, hard day at work, the moment I get settled, the music goes on and the pants come off. I like my evening compression to be as tranquil as possibly, especially since most mornings we’re running around trying to hurry up, wash up, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack lunch, and head out the door to join everyone else in The Morning Traffic Game.

  22. I’m much like you! Always thinking or going. I like to DIY to unwind but a good book can do it too! And if I’m feeling really crazy, a short relaxing yoga session!

  23. I have sleep issues and sometimes my mind just WON’T STOP no matter what I do. I’ll remember these for next time.

  24. Love these ideas. Reading is always my go to!

  25. Yes! All the Yes! Now if only I could stop my brain long enough to remember to actually do the things to unwind…

  26. I love cooking (particularly in a nice, big, kitchen) and creating new things. They are totally perfect ways to decompress after a hectic day! This is a great list, and I’m going to try incorporating some of these other methods of stress relief as well.

  27. Wonderful tips! Sometimes my mind can run at 100+ miles and hour and I often dwell on things out of my control or things that I am too hard on myself about and I also have a lot of those pesky “what if’s”. This is a nice article of how to help calm those thoughts a bit when I need a break.

  28. This is such a great article! I’ve been having issues with settling my mind down in the evenings. I have found I love to sit and crochet, which really does work. I’ll definitely try some of your other suggestions as well. Thanks, Elease!

  29. i wholeheartedly believe in and practice pampering myself to unwind with an active mind! great tips! xx

  30. The evening chat is my most favorite. Those sweet nothing moments are priceless!

  31. I love taking the time to unwind! I do a lot of the different things mentioned here 🙂

  32. These are all things I do on my unexpected days off (snow days). It’s so nice to sit back and unwind. Usually there’s a good book involved as well.

  33. Mary Caroline Smith February 2, 2019 — 3:17 am

    Candles and a hot shower always do the trick for me! I just wish I had a chance to wind down every day.

  34. Great list! It’s so important consciously take some time to wind down. I’m a teacher and I often find myself running though a list of the next day’s lessons or which kids I need check in with. It would keep me awake if I didn’t jot myself a list. It allows me to set the next day aside (without forgetting) and wind my brain down for the night. Thanks!

  35. I find that being creative and writing help me quiet my mind. When I am feeling annoyed or cranky, I write about a topic that I’m passionate about and sometimes that ends up being my best work.

  36. Such a great list! I’m definitely pinning this for later.

  37. sitting and chatting with some candles and wine after a good bath!!! i love it, thanks for all the tips

  38. Reading is one of my favorite ways to spend free time and taking a bath with a good book is the ultimate way for me to unwind. I do enjoy cooking too. Great list!

  39. Reading a good book is a good way for me to unwind. I also really like doing something like knitting.

  40. Writing helps me cope with everyday stress. I like diffusing oils as well. I haven’t tried throwing on my jammies though. That should be useful.

  41. This was such a good read!

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