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I’m Having A Baby & Brian’s Not The Father

Boy, are you guys a nosey bunch! Here’s the tea…

The Sunny Side of Something has been a passion project for me. For 2.5 years I have shared my heart, found my voice, and discovered who I really am. It’s a place where I’ve gathered ideas and dreamt of what to do with them. I have imagined and lived a Sunny Side Life and I am so incredibly proud of the community that has grown along with me. (That’s you!)

The Sunny Side is thriving and has so much more to give! While The Sunny Side of Something will live on as my personal place to think, laugh and play, there are even bigger and more inspiring things in store.

Introducing The Sunny Side Lifestyle Company:

It’s YOUR Place to Shine!

The Sunny Side Lifestyle Co. is MORE ABOUT YOU than it is about me. It’s a positive-thinking online community, blog, and soon-to-be market place that orbits around living happy, healthy, (and very) social lives. It’s a place that will inspire you to live your best Sunny Side Life! (Yes!)

Meet Jen. (The Father!)

One of my very best friends, together we founded The Sunny Side Lifestyle Co.
We have seen (and supported!) each other through it all.
We drink wine and play board games covered with quilts like we’re 93.
We pick lice out from each other’s hair and help raise each other’s kids.

We bicker and have not too much in common.
On paper, we make absolutely no sense.

In real life though, her strengths are my weaknesses. (And mine hers.)
She plans, I create.
I drift, she gets things done.
In real life, our friendship depicts the true vision of The Sunny Side Lifestyle— family dinners, conversations, support, discourse with love.

Real-time. Real People. Real Connections.

Her structure and for lack of a more endearing term, rigidity— takes my ideas and turns them into real things. Together, we make a pretty kick-ass and totally lust-worthy, push-you-out-of-your-comfort-zone woman, wife, mother, supermodel, and friend!

We want people to be happy and to be inspired to find their WHY.
We want you to shine your passions out into the world!
We want to inspire Your Sunny Side Lifestyle.

We have a lot to share with you and the first step begins with our new blog.
Here you’ll find thoughtful (and fun!) articles that celebrate the good vibes and simple pleasures of everyday life. Here’s where you opt in to having a dash of sunshine blown right up your inbox. (We heard you like that!)

You are the Sunny Side community.
You helped lead the way.
Thank you for encouraging me.
Thank you for reading, and engaging, and staying the course.
You Are The Sunny Side Lifestyle!

Here’s to new beginnings,


Let’s Be Social! Here’s where you can find The Sunny Side Lifestyle Co.


  • Mary Lentz

    May 18, 2019

    Congratulations Elease! I can’t wait to see what you do with this new canvas. Following!

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