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Modern Love, A New Recipe & The Verdict on Period Panties (Sigh!)

It’s February vacation week and the time of year where I want to throw my phone and all things social media into the raging sea. Everyone highlights their exotic vacations and although I try to take stock, appreciate what I have, blah, blah, eye-rolling blah, that doesn’t always do the trick. Truth be told I’ve taken a few trips myself— to the supermarket, the minute clinic and endless trips to the bathroom. Life. is. good.

Have you watched this on Amazon Prime? My gosh, every story is unique and beautiful and I want each and every one of them turned into a mini-series. They are all my single-most favorite episode! As you may know, these are true stories originated from The New York Times. Have a read or listen— this is my friend, Bethany, who shared her love story with the world!

I’m reading this for the second time. It’s inspiring, motivating, and real— so much so that it lead me to host this event. I want to hear what you all have to say! Read it, eat it up, join me…

In an effort to save money, stay healthy, and continue to foster a meal-time connection with my family, cooking real food at home has been a priority. I’ve been trying new recipes to keep things fresh and this recipe didn’t disappoint. Quick, easy, and both kids ate it (happily!). If I could recommend a very hot cast iron pan for the chicken. Crispy, light, delicious!

Period Panties, but for bladder protection during workouts. I had such high hopes— dare I say I’m still pissed? They did not help a smidge. Could I possibly be doing it wrong?

I hope your vacation week is blessed with some sunshine, happiness and something exciting on the horizon! We’re swapping flu symptoms over here and are desperate for signs of Spring! Perhaps it’s time for Magic Soup?

Hang in there and we’ll do the same!




  • Kandie

    February 18, 2020

    Hmmm I’ve always been intrigued about period panties for my tween and honestly for mama too! I’m super bummed they didn’t work! I’m hoping someone can shed some light on it because I’m not giving up hope and neither should you 🙂 Hope your family feels better!! Bring on Spring!

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