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Socially Distant, Emotionally Connected.

Here we are. Many are snug in their homes entranced by an eccentric, polygamous, self-proclaimed Tiger King. Some are in several-day-old sweats dusted with crumbs, soaked with tears. Others are quite ill. Gratefully, there are those on the front line literally saving the world.

Wherever you are, you are here.

In this unprecedented time, we’re all settling into something new. It’s confusing, uncertain, challenging, and considerable. We’re making history in very big ways. While we’re describing this time of social distancing as closed off, isolated, separate— we are closer than ever. Connected in a different way.

While we are apart, we are a part— part of something bigger.

We are part of humanity and community.
We are connected by experience and circumstance.
We are bound by necessity and need.
We are allies in finding the answers.
We are joined by laughter and tears.
We are united in the way we each play our part.
We are one.

In this time of distance, we are connected by emotion in the most significant way. It’s the ties of vulnerability, trust, love, and despair that keeps us bound and moving forward.

For many, it’s finding connection through faith.
For others, it’s finding connection through humor.
It’s connecting through food, stories, feelings, and lending a hand.
We are finding these connections from distant places— across the street, across the globe, videos, phone calls, virtual worlds, but are they any less real?

There is nothing easy or simple about what we’re going through. I make no false claims that things are better than they are. People are hurting. Businesses are suffering. But as a collective whole, we are shining.

Finding the sunny side is not a rainbow and butterfly perspective. It’s highs and lows, it’s beauty and anger, it’s struggle and sadness. It’s experiencing all of those things for what they are. It’s also having faith that we’ll come out on the other side. better. bolder. brighter. It’s personal connection. common ground. appreciation. perspective.

In this horribly tragic time, we are persevering.
We are supporting one another.
We are working as a team.

We are singing and praying, we are laughing and crying, we are growing and feeling. We are living. We are dying. We are one.

And what a powerful way to move forward, understanding that as we face adversity, something more beautiful will ultimately grow from it. Not only will we survive, but we’ll be better than before. It’s from this place that we acquire empathy, compassion, leadership, and love.

Some are sick. More are well. Some are terrified. Others stand strong. Some are snuggled in for Exotic Joe’s final escapade. Far too many are fighting the fight. Wherever it is you are, you are here.

You are part of humanity and community.
You are connected by experience and circumstance.
You are joined by laughter and tears.
We are one.

What are you doing to stay connected through this time?

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  • David Dolfe

    March 29, 2020

    So beautifully stated, Elease! Thank you for such inspiring words in this difficult time.

  • Katherinr

    March 29, 2020

    This is such a beautiful text! Your writting keep us captivating until the very end. Love it.

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