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Do Your Thing, Make it Happen

Last summer Lily and I took a girls’ getaway to Block Island. It was perfection— two gals, two bikes, no plans. While we were there we rented a moped, cozied up, and toured the island like it was our last day on earth. It was more fun, exciting, relaxing, and joyful than I could have imagined!

The day we returned from Block Island I scribbled the word MOPED on an envelope, stuffed $40 inside, and hid it from my family who can sniff out cash like a pig during truffle season!

‘I’m getting a moped,’ I declared.

Friends with good intentions reminded me that sometimes vacation things should stay as vacation things…you probably won’t like it as much. You won’t use it. I was reminded of my age. I was reminded that I’m a mom. I was reminded I live in New England.

I stashed my cash.
I was patient.
I was intentional.
I was going to buy a moped, dammit.

That feeling you get when you’re on vacation doesn’t have to be saved for those few days or weeks that we put aside each year. I lived at the beach for 6 years, I know this well. (They tried to talk me out of that, too!)

If there’s something that makes you feel good, excites you, makes you feel like a kid in the very best kind of way— GO FOR IT. Scribble the word on an envelope and save up. Find a way to do your thing.

Take tap class at 52.
Learn to paint at 35.
Buy your trapeze set at 64.
Get your moped and scoot around like a middle-aged bad-ass.
Garden. Fish. Start a zoo.
Join a roller derby team AND WIN.
Give yourself that happy little vacation buzz any day of any week.

What’re the things you’ve been wanting to have, do, be, see, create, experience? Get to it!

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