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The Three A’s of Awesome

Starting this blog has been exciting, and scary.  I’m flooded with energy and nerves every time I hit “publish.”  There’s another feeling too: of being alive.  It’s a feeling that’s been missing for some time.  

On the days that I don’t publish, I worry.  Why am I doing this?  Why aren’t many people responding to my posts?  Why don’t I have a flood of new viewers? Am I making a fool of myself? Is anyone even reading this?

I have dear friends (a married couple) who are real-life motivational speakers. They are teachers, coaches, trainers and deans. Two beautiful people with two beautiful children. I was elated recently to receive this message from her:  


My friend’s message came at just the right time.  We spoke.  I told her my fears, and she reassured me–and then recommended this TED talk (only she would be able to recall this on the spot).

TED TALK: Neil Pasricha, The Three A’s of Awesome

This seventeen-minute talk is worth your time.  Listen in the car, on your walk or in the shower.  No matter what you’re feeling right now within your work life, your personal life, your political angst, or anything in between. This endearing talk will remind you of all the good there is in the world: through humor, sincerity, and truth. He has surely found The Sunny Side of Everything.

Let me know what you think of it!


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